B&C Bauman Dairy

Nestled in southern Green County Wisconsin is B&C Bauman Dairy. Brian and Carolyn Bauman own and operate the farm along with their two grown sons Brandon and Bryan and their wives. B&C Bauman Dairy was established in 1997 after Brian farmed with his Uncle. The family milks 200 Holsteins with GEA robotic milkers. When it comes to daily chores and field work, the boys work hard with their Dad to ensure everything is done right and that their cows are happy and comfortable.

B&C Bauman Dairy has been with Chalet Cheese Co-op since the late 1980s. Chalet is very fortunate to have farms like Brian’s be a part of the co-op because of the farmer’s honesty and dedication to his farm and to the Chalet is what keeps the co-op moving forward. When Brian was asked if he had a saying for his farm, he made the statement, “We try to do our best with what we have been given”. Not only is this statement true for the farmers, but it’s a statement that everybody should understand. No matter what the weather, economy, or time of day it is, the Bauman family is out there working hard to provide a great quality of life for their family and cows.

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