Sunset Ridge Dairy

Duane (Dewey) started farming in 1979.  In 1983 Duane (Dewey) and Jeanne were married, that’s when Jeanne came into the operation, starting a family shortly afterwards. Their children were very important parts of the operation.  Jenna – Jodi – Jessie – David.

David the youngest works closely with his Dad and hopes someday to take over the family farm.  Also, Dave & Tiffany Golackson will be getting married in October. As our family grows we love showing our grandchildren all about the farm and taking care of things that you love.

For many years the Meier’s milked in a stall barn, that changed when the family expanded their farm by building a free stall barn in 2014 and a double-eight parlor in 2016.  Currently milking 125 head of Holsteins and Registered Brown Swiss. The Meier’s are very proud of their Dairy Cattle.

When asked about their herd, Dave responded with “we do everything we can so that the next generation is better.” Not only does that include the improvement of the genetics in the herd, but also the environment, nutrition, medicines and everything else that is involved in raising high quality dairy cattle. Farmers like Duane and Dave are constantly thinking of new ways to improve their farm so that their herd is happy and healthy now and for generations to come.

The Meier Family has a lot of pride for their cattle, especially their Brown Swiss, you can see that by watching them in the show ring or watching them in local parades.  Swiss culture is very rich in the Meier Family, Duane is a third generation dairy farmer and Dave is a fourth generation, just like other farms that belong to the Chalet Cheese Co-op. The Meier Family joined the Chalet Cheese Co-op in 1994, and the Chalet has been grateful for them ever since.  Duane has been on Chalet’s executive board for many years, and maybe someday Dave will also hold the honor of being on the executive board for the Chalet Cheese Co-op. 

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